Storytime Theme: Birds

*See Seagull folder for a craft idea

Books --

Baby Bird by Joyce Dunbar
The King of the Birds by Helen Ward
Maebelle's Suitcase by Tricia Tusa
Feathers for Lunch by Lois Ehlert
It Could Still be a Bird by Allan Fowler
*Cut out birds and letters can be used for flannel board

Story Extensions

  • Circle Game

  • Bird watching

Arts and Crafts (Directions, Supplies, Source, Picture - if possible)

My Book About Birds
Templates included

Bird Feeders
Bottle of sorts (milk jug, clean bleach bottle)
Poke holds in the bottom for drainage
Fill the bottom with seeds from a shallow bowl
Tie a sting on top to hang

Bird Wings Headband
Cut out pattern pieces from copied template
Trace wing on blue for bluebird, red for the redbird, white, yellow, brown paper for the other birds. Cut out.
Draw marker lines in, to simulate feathers
Staple wings to side of 2" head band at a length to fit size of head
Use corresponding colors on head band to match the color chosen for the wings.
Some wings can be staple pointing up while others can be stapled to lay along side the headband.

Suggested Ways to Include the Six Emergent Literacy Skills

  • Vocabulary

  • Print Motivation

  • Phonological Sensitivity

  • Print Awareness

  • Letter Knowledge

  • Narrative Skills