Storytime Theme: Alligators


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Story Extensions

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Arts and Crafts

Alligator head nametags (template included):
Cut out and write name

Alligator Visor:
Cut out head and staple it to a paper headband. Fold along the dotted lines on the head.


Crocodile (should be in separate storytime, however you can teach the difference between alligators and crocodiles):
1. Color
2. Cut out
3. Place leg wheel behind the animal. Using a paper fasterner, attach body to legs.
4. Turn wheel so legs appear to "walk"

Alligator Craft or Card:
1. Fold a piece of green paper the long way like hot dog.
2. Draw an alligator shape on one side of the paper. Draw a long snout, two legs, and a long tail; the fold line will be the alligator's back.
3. Cut about 6 small diagonal slits along the back of the alligator (along the fold line).
4. Unfold the paper. Fold over each of the slits you cut, forming little triangles.
5. Draw a big, toothy mouth and an eye on the alligator. Cut out the teeth if you like. Decorate the alligator. If thsi is going to be a card, write your message on and in the alligator.

Suggested Ways to Include the Six Emergent Literacy Skills

  • Vocabulary

  • Print Motivation

  • Phonological Sensitivity

  • Print Awareness

  • Letter Knowledge

  • Narrative Skills