Storytime Theme: Winterfest!


*See the Mitten folder for more mitten and wintry ideas

Books --

Hot Cocoa for the Teenage Soul
The Mitten

Story Extensions

  • Mix and Match Mittens
  • Board Game Bonanza
  • Craft Tables
  • Teens: It's Hot! It's Chocolate and Playstation blast
  • Teens: Center Stage Story

Arts and Crafts

Coloring Pages
Preschool: Make a Torn Paper Picture
Elementary: Winter Beads: Make a Bracelet!
Teens: Winterfest Village (each teen builds an unique house and adds to the rest~see folder for instructions)


Silver Winterfest Letters "Welcome to Winterfest" "Winterfest"

Suggested Ways to Include the Six Emergent Literacy Skills

  • Vocabulary

  • Print Motivation

  • Phonological Sensitivity

  • Print Awareness

  • Letter Knowledge

  • Narrative Skills