Storytime Theme: Snowmen


Books --

Snow Dude by Daniel Kirk
The Biggest Snowman Ever by Steven Kroll
Snow Friends by M Christine Butler
A Snowman Named Just Bob by Mark Kimball Moulton
The Snowman by Raymond Briggs
Snowballs by Lois Ehlert
Snowmen Pop-up

Audience Participation Stories/Characters for Act-out Stories

Story Extensions

  • Build a Snowman
  • Igloo (See igloo folder for more ideas)

Arts and Crafts

Snowman Note Pad
Craft Foam: white, black, orange, red, green
Googly eyes
Black Marker
Stack of paper


Popsicle Stick Snowman
Popsicle Sticks (8 each)
Googly Eyes
Orange craft foam
Black Marker
White paint
Black Paint
Tape (clear packing)

Bell Snowman


Suggested Ways to Include the Six Emergent Literacy Skills

  • Vocabulary

  • Print Motivation

  • Phonological Sensitivity

  • Print Awareness

  • Letter Knowledge

  • Narrative Skills