Storytime Theme: Dragons~ Where did all the Dragons Go?


*See Cootie Catchers for cross references
*See Chinese New Year for cross references

Books --

Where did all the Dragons Go? by fay Robinson
The Tale of Custard the Dragon by Ogden Nash
There's a Dragon in my sleeping Bag by Jamis Howe
I Hear a Noise by Diane Goode
The Dragon Who Wanted to Fly by Jeffrey Comanor
The Library Dragon by Carmen Agra Deedy
There's a Dragon About by Richard and Roni Schotter
The Dragon With Red Eyes by Astrid Lindgren
Pop-up/lift-flap: Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll
Sim Chung and the River Dragon by ellen Schecter
The Dragon Painter by Rosie Dickins
The Dragon Snatcher by M.P. Robertson
Dragons: Truth, Myth, and Legend by David Passes
Dragon Feathers by Andrej Dugin

Audience Participation Stories/Characters for Act-out Stories

Story Extensions

  • Pin the Tail on the Dragon

  • Song: Peter Paul and Mary "Puff the Magic Dragon"

  • Song: Kevin Roth "The Singing Dragon" found on Dinosaurs and Dragons Sound Recording

  • Fingerplays: Little Huey Dragon and "The Sand Dragon"

  • Poems: The Gold-Tinted Dragon and My Dragon

  • KIDZ Clue Dragon fun info sheet included in folder

  • Dragon connect the dots

  • Tell the story about St. George and how he's been worked into the UK flag

  • St. George and the Dragon

  • Year of the Dragon

  • Chinese Horoscopes and year of the dragon

Arts and Crafts

Dragon Sponge-print
Colored paper
Tin pie pan
Two-pieve sponge pattern attached to cardboad backing
Googly eyes
*See folder for instructions

Fire Breathing Dragons
Toilet Tissue Tubes
0.5" Styrofoam balls
4.5" x 6.5" rectangles of construction paper to fit around tissue tubes
Tempera Pain for Eyes
Crepe Paper streamers
Scraps of Construction paper for details
*See folder for instructions

Dragon Mask
Coloring utensils
Tissue paper
Popsicle sticks
*Example in folder

Dragon Origami
Preprinted Chinese Dragon Fortune Teller (cootie catcher) that needs folding

Suggested Ways to Include the Six Emergent Literacy Skills

  • Vocabulary

  • Print Motivation

  • Phonological Sensitivity

  • Print Awareness

  • Letter Knowledge

  • Narrative Skills