Storytime Theme: Bears (Paws and Claws: a Very Beary Storytime)


*See Polar Bear folder for more ideas

Books --

Look in folder in the Story Box Form for a complete list categorized by age groups
Alborough, Jez "My Friend Bear"
Feiffer, Jules "I Lost my Bear"
Gliori, Bedi "Mr. Bear's Picnic"
Hayes, Sarah "This is the Bear"
Jennings, Sharon "Bearcub and Mama"
Kotzwinkle, William "The Million-Dollar Bear"
Mayhew, James "Can you See a Little Bear?"
Moers, Herman "Katie and the Big, Brave Bear"
Mozelle, Shirley "The Bear Upstairs"
Ritchie, Allison "What a Bear Likes Best"
Rosen, Michael "We're Going on a Bear Hunt"

Big Book: Alborough, Jez "Where's my Teddy?"
Pop-up/lift the flap book: Faulkner, Keith " The Scared Little Bear"


Bear Puppet (was supposed to be included in storytime box)

Audience Participation Stories/Characters for Act-out Stories

Brown Bear characters to be used as puppets for acting out or audience participation

Story Extensions

  • Bear/Honey pot rhyming cards (cards taken from "Phonemic Awareness" by Creative Teaching Press)
  • Bear Bingo (
  • Fingerplay: Going on a Bear Hunt ( and Teddy Bear Teddy Bear (
  • The Bear (echo song/rhyme) (www.bellevalley.stclair.k12.inlus/mouseum/b004.html)
  • Songs and Rhymes (in folder)
  • Brown bear, brown bear (reproducible sheets and felt board characters/puppets)

Arts and Crafts (Directions, Supplies, Source, Picture - if possible)

Bear Bookmark
Dark and light brown construction paper
Black Marker
1/4 inch ribbon or yarn (9 inches long per kid)
Bear pieces template
*See folder for instructions and template
*As of 6-16-08 templates have already been cut out and are in bags in the folder

Left: Puppet Right: Bookmark

Bear Paperbag Puppet (template is in folder)

Suggested Ways to Include the Six Emergent Literacy Skills

  • Vocabulary: Knowing the names of things

    • discuss meaning of words in each stor children may not know and find words that mean the same thing
  • Print Motivation: a child's interest in and enjoyment of books

    • Use echo thyme "The Bear," allowing participation from audience
  • Phonological Sensitivity: ability to hear and manipulate the smaller sounds in words)

    • Discuss rhyming words in "Teddy Bear Teddy Bear" finger play, thing of other words that rhyme with pairs given
  • Print Awareness

    • Play around with book, having children tell you which way to read it, where to start, where the words are, etc.
  • Letter Knowledge

    • Discuss first letter of words in the title and what sound they make
  • Narrative Skills

    • take first few minutes to share stories from the kids and what they've been doing that's exciting!